Yarn Addict

I wish I could share all the exciting projects I’m working on. Alas, they’re all Christmas gifts (and one baby gift that hasn’t been given yet). I was just taking another look at my list and all my supplies and planning things out. Since I cannot share what I’ve been working on, have a peek at the lovely, luscious yarns I’m working with.

Some of these are just the remnants of already completed projects, but I needed to look at everything to satisfy the over-planner in me. I tend to get a little nutsy about Christmas. I love Christmas like a little kid and I love giving gifts. I’ve never been a particularly crafty person so learning to knit and being able to give people hand-made gifts has been this incredible revelation to me.

Something funny happened in the last couple weeks, though. I had made my list of knitted gifts back in… oh, June-ish. I’ve been knitting ever since, and feeling as though I were falling farther behind all the time. So I printed out a calendar, sat down with my list, and made a schedule. Next thing I knew, incredibly, I was flying way ahead of my schedule!

So, I did what any crazy person would do. I added way more things to my list! Oh dear. The lady at the yarn shop knows me way too well, now. (And my boss, and my children, who all have accompanied me on yarn and needle buying missions.) I went back one. more. time. today. Perhaps the last before Christmas? I think I finally have all the supplies I need for all my projects – at least all the ones I have planned right now.

I need to finish knitting so I can get back to reading. I used to rationalize my compulsive book buying with the excuse that it was the only thing I was so compulsive about. I’m thinking that cozy, colorful pile on my coffee table might mean I can’t argue that one anymore.

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