My new campaign

So, fall is a pretty fabulous time of year. I don’t have to tell you. It speaks for itself: the weather, back to school excitement, football, pumpkin and spices and soups from the kitchen… Fabulous. I mean, look at my crew in their Sunday finery. Sweater dresses and tights: oh the coziness! (Don’t mind Sammy. Poking himself in the eye is his current favorite picture pose. Sure hope he skips that one for school pics.)

I even enjoy sunset coming earlier at this time of year. It seems just about perfect. A bit chilly and dark outside, so I can snuggle up in the warmth and light of inside and read something spooky- some Poe, perhaps – or, closer to Halloween, my annual reading of :”The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

Here’s the maple tree right beside my house around 7:00 last evening.

A bit dark and potentially spooky for those of us with over-active imaginations: the perfect contrast to the warm glow coming from inside the house right behind me.

Of course, it will continue to get dark earlier and earlier, which can’t be helped. Except, we speed the whole process up with the end of Daylight Savings Time! Then, welcome to dark-when-you-get-up-and-dark-when-you-go-home time. The fun ends. No longer do we have the dusky, spooky, perfect fall lighting scheme. We trade that for the dismal dark of winter that we’ll be stuck with for so many months.

I would like to propose (and I know I’m not the first, but hey, I’m the first person I’ve heard say it this year) permanent Daylight Savings Time! I think this is a campaign we can get behind – a welcome distraction from the presidential campaigns that have been going on for eons, right? Now, of course Congress isn’t around to do anything about it. I’m thinking this has to be a civil disobedience thing. Let’s all refuse to operate by standard time. Anyone with me? I know there have been conflicting studies about the effects of DST on things like energy consumption and traffic studies – actually I think the most recent studies are anti-DST… but come on, extending the perfection of fall before we get sucked into wintertime? That’s surely a worthy goal.

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