Time Management

The trouble with having a boat is that you actually want to use it. This becomes more of a problem when you live in a landlocked place like, say, Pennsylvania. Which we do… So, the boat resides in Maryland, about 3 hours away from us. Between shuffling schedules and the price of gas, going down there becomes a big deal. Alan’s schedule is a little more forgiving. He is a firefighter that works 24 hour shifts, so he gets some nice chunks of time in between shifts, which means he gets to go down more often than the rest of us do.

He was supposed to go down today for a day of sailing, but, as seems to be happening, it didn’t work out. His sailing buddy was unable to come along because of illness in his household. As it turned out, the weather is pretty crummy on the East Coast anyhow. Our street has turned into a river, as it likes to do in a heavy rain.

Alan is pretty bummed. It does get discouraging. When I asked him this morning what his plans were, he said to sell the boat before it falls into disrepair from neglect. Sigh. The kiddos are enjoying this ducky weather, though.

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