‘Twas the night before vacation…

We’re about to leave for a week of sailing. The preparation for these trips always overwhelms me. Just how much stuff does a family of five need to survive for a week anyhow? This will be our longest trip yet, and now that we’re properly into fall, preparing for weather possibilities is a bit more involved. I’ve made so. many. lists…

My notebook has been with me constantly all week – generally it’s traveled in my knitting bag, which is already constantly with me. I’m a bag lady.

I’ve shopped, and shopped again to pick up the things I forgot. I bought a gazillion snack things, made chili to freeze, boiled eggs, and carefully planned other easy meals for the week. I’ve packed clothes to take us through mild and dry to cold and wet weather. Thankfully, the forecast looks good right now, but one never knows. We have blankets, pillows, sheets, towels, toiletries, etc… Where the heck will we put all this stuff?

This is the main pile of stuff to be packed, but oh yes, there are others. (Shameless self promotion: I LOVE my SailorBags sailcloth stow bag that contains our towels and sheets. Once emptied it will make a perfect laundry bag. I just happen to sell these and other SailorBags products over at Hartlove Books and Gifts. The store is “closed” now for vacation, but will re-open in a week.)

Space is a big concern of mine. Our boat is a 32′ Bristol. Apparently it’s a “small” 32′, in that it has very little storage space compared to other 32′ boats. Alan explained to me why this is in regard to the design of the boat, and at some point I remembered and understood. Regardless, just like my nearly closet-less house, the boat has very few places to stow things. I’m not sure how all this is going to work out. Fall and winter clothing takes up a lot more room than summer clothing, and we just have more of everything this time. I’m sure somehow it will work out, but along with food supplies, it’s just one of those things I stress over.

And while I stress and pack and plan and check my list two dozen times, almost everyone else is calmly enjoying the anticipation of a lovely trip. Sammy must feel a bit of the worry I do. He was concerned enough to make sure his favorite friend Puppy Bear was not forgotten he choose to forego sleeping with him to leave him in the pile of things to be packed. He fell asleep hugging his stuffed shark instead.

I’ve hired Savannah as a product testing intern. She’s trying out a sailcloth book cover with her copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Assuming it passes her quality control test, that’s a product I’ll soon be offering in my store.

Meanwhile, Felicity pretends to sleep, betrayed by her cheesy grin.

We’ll be off to Maryland after church tomorrow and pushing off early Monday morning. The plan includes St. Clement’s Island and historic St. Mary’s City – places I haven’t been to since the Maryland history unit in 4th grade – so the history nerd in me is excited to return and to share the stories of these places with the kids. Here we go!

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