End of the Season

Although it wasn’t the plan when we set off at some point we decided that it would be best to sail the boat right to the marina where it will be stored for the winter rather than making a round trip. In light of Hurricane Sandy‘s imminent arrival, I am very thankful that we made that call.

Our two day journey from Breton Bay to Goose Bay was mostly uneventful. On Thursday we hopped up to Cobb Island, where we stopped for fuel and stayed at a marina for the night. It had been a damp, chilly night and the chili I’d brought for dinner was perfect in our cozy little boat, followed by an Italian ice treat we bought at the local grocery store. We walked over to look at the fire-boat  and when Felicity saw all these seagulls, she exclaimed, “Holy poop eagles!”After a brief thunderstorm in the morning, Friday turned into a much prettier day. On our way out of Cobb Island we were contacted by a Navy range boat by radio letting us know that the naval base at Dahlgren, Virginia was about to do live testing in the river so we needed to stay well away from them. They called Alan “Captain.” The conversation was interesting. After inquiring about our destination, they instructed Alan to get out his charts and proceeded to give him very specific marker-to-marker instructions for how to proceed. Basically they were just keeping us as close to the Maryland shoreline as possible, but they left no grey area for wandering any closer than was absolutely necessary to keep us out of shallow water.

By mid-afternoon we arrived at Goose Bay, where she’ll stay for the winter. The marina is just down the street from where I grew up. The feeling of being home, in a place where things are as they should be hit me hard for some reason on this trip back. I miss the trees of southern Maryland. The area where we live in Pennsylvania is all fields, where trees only line the open spaces. I realized how deeply I want again one day to live where the water is close and the woods are all around. As Savannah solemnly informed her siblings as they watched me add Old Bay to our tuna fish salad, “we’re Maryland people.”

The Monday following the end of our journey, Green Eyes was hauled out for the winter. I was a bit sad, but we weren’t sure if the weather would cooperate for the time we had tentatively scheduled for sailing her to the marina. As it turns out, the weather really would be a problem if she was still in the water. I’m still rather nervous just knowing she’s going to be sitting there in the kind of winds they’re predicting with this storm. We’ll have to change her home port before she goes back in for the spring, since we’re Maryland people.



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