Documenting Adventures

I’m all about the preservation of memories. I love to take pictures and to write about the things we do. Bit of a problem here, though. I’m not very good at taking pictures. Normally I’m okay with this. My subjects most of the time are the kids, and their cuteness totally eclipses the dismal quality of my photography. Sailing is providing me more motivation to learn more, though. The gap between what I see with my eyes and what I capture on the screen seems so much greater.

On one of our trips this summer, we wanted to get down to Point Lookout. We stopped for a late dinner near Solomon’s Island and thought it would be a good idea to head down towards our destination into the evening. We could be there when the kids woke up and they could have a whole day at the beach. Unfortunately, we completely lost the wind when we got out into the Bay and our motor started overheating, leaving us bobbing in the waves, making no progress any which way. It turned into quite a late, exhausting night making our way slowly back toward Solomon’s for a place to anchor. On the upside, it was absolutely beautiful. The moon was full and bright, and the scattered clouds shifted from shape to shape, as if telling stories in the sky. Since there wasn’t much to do, I played with my camera quite a bit, but couldn’t come anywhere close to capturing the a decent impression of the moment.

I basically got two types of pictures. Ones that are blurry and appear much brighter than it actually was, or utter blackness with the larger than life moon appearing as a mere bright dot.

I think my next undertaking needs to be learning a bit about my camera. I know it’s capable of doing more than I’m capable of doing with it, so that would be a start. I really want to learn some basics about outdoor photography, as well, especially in low light. The scenes at dawn and dusk are especially beautiful and even my better pictures never get the colors as they actually appear.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good place to start? Good books for total amateurs or perhaps a good online tutorial? I’d appreciate suggestions!

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