Birthday Girl in a Fluffy Skirt

Felicity, my middle child, turned 5 on Sunday.

IMG_4549This was the first of my children’s birthdays that I managed to knit a gift for, and it was a long time coming. Way back in… September-ish-time, I stumbled upon the pattern for Smokey the Bear. It was one of those I need this yarn immediately moments.

(Aside: This is akin to the I need to own all Neil Gaiman’s novels and children’s books immediately moment I’ve been in for a while now. I must be growing some self control since that hasn’t happened yet.)

Now, a yarn shop is not usually a place I like to take the younger kids if I can help it. They like to touch everything. Okay, can’t blame them much there. It’s a very tactile experience. But it’s very distracting trying to pick out the yarn  I actually need whilst simultaneously ensuring that don’t totally rearrange the store… However, it was one of those addict-needing-a-fix moments, so Sammy and Lissie came with me to The Ball & Skein Shop.

There happened to be a ruffly purple and green skirt on a mannequin in the window of the shop. Lissie thought it was SO BEAUTIFUL! So, after Christmas, the ruffly skirt became one of my top priorities in time for a February birthday.


The pattern calls for one of those ruffly novelty yarns like you most often see used for scarves to make the ruffles. It turned out pretty cute, but I don’t think I’d do it again. It was kind of a pain to work with. I did measure her waist, but you can tell it’s still rather on the big side. It does at least stay up, though, and should fit her for a good long time.

IMG_4564I must say, I’m rather glad that Savannah didn’t show interest in having one of these for herself.

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