Pining for spring

The other night Alan and I watched the movie Captain Ron. I hadn’t seen it before, but I’d recommend it, it was pretty funny. Man oh man, did it ever make me ready for spring, though. Now, I’m pretty much guaranteed to be ready for spring just about the day after Christmas, being one of those people that always seems to feel about 20 degrees colder than everyone else. But a movie about a family learning to love sailing together?… I want to be there NOW. Where I can neglect laundry and cleaning, and the kids never ask to watch TV or play on the computer because it just isn’t an option, and we’re all (stuck) together without all the distractions of home… Sigh.

I can’t wait til we get Green Eyes back in the water. My brain is bouncing around all the relevant topics – sandals and bathing suits, cooking aboard, storage solutions, kiddie entertainment aboard, can we still make all the kids sleep together in the v-berth? Okay, in reality, Alan is taking care of the most relevant concerns – the necessary repairs and upgrades… but someone has to think about the day-to-day living concerns.

I’ve been reading The Boat Galley Cookbook, which I received as Christmas gift from Alan. I’ve already filled a small notebook with notes on food storage and preparation aboard. I’ve also perused some of Alan’s books on cruising and living aboard and picked up other useful tips for general storage and managing living so very, very close to one’s loved ones. We may not be ready for long-term cruising yet, but taking advice from those who do can make even a weekend go so much smoother.  Bits I’ve read plus just one season’s experience has given me a feeling of being much more prepared this year. I have a lot more note and list writing to do, and I’m sure my confidence is rooted in my novice and naivety but I’m feeling very… “Let’s do this!”

In addition to whatever weekends or weekend-length trips we can manage, we have two one-week long sails planned, plus our two-week long trip to Jamestown, which I am most looking forward to.

The other by-product of watching Captain Ron  – I asked Alan if he’d like it if we referred to him as ‘Captain.’ “Captain what?,” he wondered.

IMG_3434Captain ‘Stache. But of course.

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