My first sweater

I finished my first sweater! (Hooray! Hooray!)

…It’s not one of the Harry Potter sweaters. (Boo! Boo!) I’m falling rather behind schedule on those.

I made a little orange shrug for myself.IMG_4533

IMG_4530Mostly, I’m quite happy with how it turned out. It’s perhaps a little wider than it should be for my size, but I moved the button over farther to compensate. I think the extra width came as a consequence of not really using the correct weight yarn for the pattern. The  kind lady at The Yarn Gallery worked out the conversion for me and really, it’s amazing to me that she could figure out the adjustments in needle size and stitch count to get it as close as it was.

The pattern is nearly seamless, as it just goes up and over at the shoulders, which was a very good thing. Seems I need to work on my seams. (haha.) I have no idea what the stitch I used for my first seam is called or where I found it. I thought I’d seen it on Pinterest, but if I did I must have neglected to repin it. Oy. I took the pictures of the seams without a flash because that actually made the seam more visible. Here is my first seam.

IMG_4570I wasn’t entirely happy with that one, so I tried a mattress stitch on the second side.

IMG_4568Look at that, it’s worse! The first seam, that I wan’t entirely happy with – the one that I have no idea what kind of stitch I used – is much less visible! Good grief. I could definitely recreate the first seam, but I wish I knew what it was… At any rate, in my internet searches trying to figure out what the heck kind of seam I used the first time, I found many good resources for how to make better seams – ones based specifically on what kinds of stitches you’re joining. I’m still learning that when doing something new it’s best to look for a variety of tutorials before beginning. Always nice to get a sampling of ideas, so you have a sense of where the best ones are. I’ll be better prepared for my next seams. For now, I’m comforted by the thought of just how difficult it would be for someone to simultaneously see both seams while I’m wearing the sweater. Maybe no one will notice that they’re different.

4 thoughts on “My first sweater

  1. You’re right – the mattress stitch is not great – which is surprising as its a personal favourite – on some projects I have even done it in a different colour to show off how much it ‘dissapears’.

    No one else would ever twig however! It’s only when you point these things out they become noticeable!

    • Hm, makes me wonder if I didn’t do the mattress stitch correctly. I almost want to knit some swatches with left over yarns just to practice some different seams… but oh how I hate knitting swatches when I could be working on an actual project.

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