Arrr, The best playhouse in the world!

Felicity said it better than I could: “We’re going to have the best playhouse in the whole world… even in Chinese!”


Alan is building the kids a pirate ship playhouse. A pretty massive, awesome pirate ship playhouse. He used plans here as his basis, although he has modified them somewhat. Our version is longer to allow for the addition of a second mast so the kids can climb the rigging between them.

Construction began early in January, when the ground was still frozen.


IMG_4439Our clever neighbors began to ask if we were concerned about floods.

IMG_4479One suggested that years from now, when the kids are done with it, we take it to the Bay to “see how well it floats.” I’m pretty sure there would be some hefty fines associated with that experiment.


IMG_4593IMG_4594 IMG_4595At some point after the boat itself is complete, he’ll cut down that tree and add a swingset to the side coming off one of the masts.

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