First trip of the season

After several delays due to repair jobs and exceptionally low tides, we finally got Green Eyes back in the water and back to her summer home at Grandma’s house. We thought perhaps we’d head north to Mount Vernon and Mount Aventine before turning south toward the Patuxent, but there was so little wind when we started out, we decided we’d better head in the right direction. Luckily, the wind picked up shortly after we crossed under the Potomac River bridge. Our weather remained great for the rest of the trip. We went through a couple brief storms, but we had great wind and mostly sunny skies.


IMG_4919We thought we might stop back at St. Clement’s Island, but the wind was too fierce to attempt it. Last time was fun, but we weren’t looking for a repeat of that adventure. Felicity was disappointed. She has declared that it’s her favorite island.

We spent our first night in Brenton Bay, which was uneventful until we left in the morning, when we ran aground right beside a marker on the way out. We were afraid we’d be stuck there all day until high tide around 5 pm, but Alan’s quick thinking got us out of there relatively quickly. He took an anchor out in the dinghy to the opposite side of the marker and ran the line back a winch and pulled it tight. After a couple hours that constant tension pulled us free and we were able to get on our way, apparently to the relief of the osprey nesting in the marker, who squawked at us the whole time we were stuck.

IMG_4884IMG_4883From there we sailed back to St. Mary’s City.

IMG_4933IMG_4935 It’s a good thing we were able to leave Brenton Bay when we did. We got to St. Mary’s City with sunshine and blue skies, but when we checked the weather report learned there were tornado watches all around us. Dark storm clouds were rolling in just as we were getting settled, but luckily they didn’t amount to much more than some mild thunderstorms overnight.

In the morning we went back to the museum at St. Mary’s City. The museum has two parts: the town and a tobacco plantation about a mile up the road. Last time we were there, the plantation seemed like a bit far to walk after seeing the rest of the museum. This time, after visiting the Maryland Dove, which had to be the first thing according to the children, we decided to make the trek to the plantation before doing anything else. It was a bit of a long walk, and we had a few complaints of being tired and hot, but it was so worth it. The interpreters at the plantation were the best in the whole museum (and the others were very good.) For just a taste of their presentation, one of the “indentured servants” assured Alan that he knew he was wise in the ways of tobacco from his own plantation, but asked his leave to speak on tobacco to the children, for their edification. Then he had the kids de-worming the tobacco plants. They had a great time.


The following day we made our way to Solomons. There was no beach nearby, so the kids swam right around the boat with Alan keeping watch in the dinghy.

IMG_4965By coincidence, we had a neighbor at anchorage two nights in a row this time. The yacht Jack Tar was anchored near us at St. Mary’s City and again at Solomons.

IMG_4961There was one heck of a lightning storm overnight, but we were so protected in the Back Creek that it didn’t amount to much else for us.

The next day we finished our trip back to Grandma’s house, where she stays, awaiting our next adventure. Our next long trip will be to Jamestown! We went to the library today to stock up on appropriate historical reading to give the kids some background.

4 thoughts on “First trip of the season

  1. What a wonderful education and memories for the kids. So many beautiful places to visit and learn about. Great job Mom and Dad.

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