Changes to the Blog

I have this blog that I generally neglect. I’m not even sure why I started it. It’s always a nerve-racking experience for me, to send my thoughts and carefully chosen words out into the internet, of all places. What an unkind place for them to be. I wonder each time I post, why bother? Even if I’m not attracting the attention of trolls, who cares what I say here besides my mother, anyway? And yet, through my infrequent postings, a handful of people – other than my mother – have encouraged me in this endeavor, asking me to post more often, and reassuring me that what I’ve done here is in fact worth doing.

Much of that encouragement has come from Alan. He was truly the source of motivation and guidance that inspired the newly designed blog. In fact, he is now my partner here. The Projects tab will be his domain, where he will post about our boat repair projects. My normal posts will appear under the Blog tab, hopefully with much greater regularity.

Please, click around a bit, and let me know if you find things that need to be fixed. Some pages are still in progress, but we will be updating soon. Thank you, truly, for looking!

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