About Us

We are a family of five, plus a handful of animals and a few sailboats. We are blessed to live in beautiful Mathews County, Virginia.

Alan is the one with the killer mustache, Kim is the oddball without blonde hair, and the kids are Savannah, Felicity, and Sammy. Our newest sailor is Piper the golden retriever puppy. We are down to one “big” boat – Tipsy Lady, our Gulfstar 43. We previously owned and loved Green Eyes, a beautiful Bristol 32.

Alan is the sailor of the bunch, but we have all learned a lot since we jumped into the adventure of boat ownership. Kim enjoys writing about our family trips and other varied and random topics – when she remembers to do it – and Alan plans to share his frustrations, triumphs, and valuable information learned while working on various boat related projects. We expect to have no shortage of those.

The name of the blog was inspired by that most expensive phrase one can utter when updating or working on a boat, “while we’re at it, we may as well…”