Knitting: “Starghan” Baby Blanket

I’m glad to report that our sailing trip last week was absolutely wonderful, and sometime shortly I’ll have lots to say about that. Right now, though, it’s time to share a knitted project. Of all my knitting ventures so far, this is the one I’m most proud of: the Knitted Starghan.

I made this for the baby of a friend who happens to be a big Dallas Cowboys fan. In fact, the little guy’s name is going to be Dallas, hence the pattern and color selection. (Nobody tell my Pop Pop, please, I was raised a Redskins fan and this might be considered heretical.)

This was a really great project to make because seeing how the increases and decreases were used to create the star shape really helped me develop a better understanding of how different stitches work. (Oh, there really is a difference between k2tog and ssk? I get it now!)

Since the pattern instruction kind of stops and just tells you to keep following the established pattern, I made a chart to help me keep track of which even row type I was on, how many stitches were in the row, and where to do my color changes. It was very, very helpful. The other thing I found absolutely essential was working on bamboo needles in the beginning when it was on double pointed needles. That soft baby yarn just slipped off the metal needles waaay too easily. I actually started this project twice. After I got to my first color change in my first attempt I decided I needed to get a softer yarn. The yarn really does make the project. That’s becoming one of my fundamental beliefs. 

Now that I understand how the pattern works, if I were to do it again, I think I would try knitting the odd rows rather than purling them, just to give it more of a “knitted” look.