Sailing with children

I’m told fall is a lovely time to go sailing. I wouldn’t know. Where did I ever think I would find the time get down to Maryland and out on the water? This week would be perfect. Thanks to Yom Kippur, I have three days off work in a row – a very rare creature indeed. But those kids – they have school, Sunday school, and clubs, and there are parent meetings to attend. So, no fall sailing for me yet.

What has astounded me is the kids’ reaction to our excursions thus far. While I have found them alternately peaceful, exciting, or at times rather nerve-wracking, their excitement for a trip quickly turns into BOREDOM. Such is twenty first century childhood. Thus far I’ve managed to keep the boat a screen-free zone. We are not smartphone users and I’ve not resorted to bringing a DVD player. We have a small assortment of coloring books, board games, and cards stowed on the boat, but they have a limited lifespan.

The kids are always happiest when we stop to swim and play at a beach, but how to keep them entertained while underway? Savannah is happy reading, but Sammy and Felicity can’t read by themselves yet, so when Alan needs me to help him with the boat, we need ways to keep them entertained. We do have a week long excursion planned in October, Alan has leave so we’re taking the kids out of school for one last hurrah before we pull Green Eyes out of the water for the season. Thus, it’s time for some brainstorming from the entertainment department. Hm… anyone?